I don’t dream at night. I dream all day. I dream for a living.
— Steven Spielberg

Originally from Montana, Amanda caught the performing bug at a young age, singing her first solo at age 4.  Being the pastor's daughter, Amanda sang solos at church whenever she wanted...so every Sunday. 

She loves musical theater and has starred in such roles as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins, Meg in Little Women, Mother in Ragtime, Susan in Company, Fantine in Les Miserables, Edith in Pirates of Penzance, and Damon in Acis and Galatea, as well as performing at Carnegie Hall in a John Rutter debut.  

Now in Los Angeles, Amanda is a SAG/AFTRA actress appearing in commercials and film.  Her film Followed Home played the festival circuit and can be found on Amazon, and Prayers in the Dark is in development- more to come!  Amanda was nominated for Best Actress at International Television Festival for her role of Caitlyn Ashmore in the series Appleseed Elementary which received the Merit Award at Indiefest.  Watch full episodes on Amanda's youtube channel.

If you care, when Amanda has free time she loves to read, she is a fair golfer, and she's been a professional Christmas caroler--she loves Christmas to a borderline unhealthy level.  She is also a Universal Tour Guide for the Studio Tour and the VIP Experience Tour.  Check back often to see what's new with Amanda!


DECEMBER: Guys & Dolls closed this last Sunday the 9th. Truly one of the fastest 6-week runs I’ve ever had, because it was so fun. I am so sad to see it end. But I don’t have too much time to be sad, because on the 10th I started rehearsals for TITANIC at The Candlelight Pavillion, and I couldn’t be more excited.

SEPTEMBER: The only thing I can say is 2018 is a blessed year of bucket list theater roles! I’m starting rehearsals for Guys & Dolls as SARAH with Actors Repertory Theater in Simi! I can’t believe it still, it’s truly been a magical year.

AUGUST:  WOW!  Thank you Steven Stanley for awarding me the Scenie Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, Mary Poppins!

JULY: Practically Perfect! The show is going so amazingly well with great reviews across the board.  I'm so blessed and proud to be in this title role.  Here are some review excerpts:

Steven Stanley "Leading lady Amanda Greig follows Little Women’s Meg with an equally marvelous Mary, a just-right mix of prim and proper and pretty and smart and sweet and tart, and a crystal-clear soprano to boot"

Shari Barrett "Led magnificently by Amanda Greig who shines in the iconic title role...a practically perfect production that will capture your heart from start to finish."

Pictures to come soon.

MAY/JUNE:  I'm MARY POPPINS!  This has been a long time coming and I'm so happy to play this role at the Morgan-Wixson, a theater that I have come to love!  The next month will be busy with rehearsals as we are putting up this huge show in four weeks-- Can't wait for JUNE 30th!

APRIL: As I approach closing weekend, I can say this is the most rewarding show to be a part of and it has been so well-received!  I'll be sad to see it end.  Here are just a couple bits from reviews:

Leo Buck"Also remarkable in her own right is Amanda Greig as the oldest (and most romantically minded) sister, “Meg March”-standing out in a role that is too-easily overlooked or marginalized. Instead, she manages to exude quiet dignity and grace with every scene."

Steven Stanley "Amanda Greig’s young-Jaclyn-Smith radiance fits Meg to a T, whether displaying requisite warmth or duetting an exquisite “More Than I Am”..."

FEBRUARY: This has been a fun start to 2018!  I had a full page print ad in PEOPLE-- wow!  Obviously, I bought a bunch of them:)  I'm in rehearsals for Little Women right now at the Morgan-Wixson Theater in Santa Monica and can't wait to open next month, it is going to be so delightful!

JANUARY: A new year already!!  Shot a few headshots yesterday, so I'm excited to get a couple shots to show you!  Holidays were wonderful, performed in the award show for the Morgan-Wixson Theater and had 2 avails commercially!  NDA's prevent some fun talking points but when I can I'll say what I can:)

OCTOBER: What an incredible week!  Both my episodes aired and I wasn't cut, ha!  It was been a whirlwind week of auditions and callbacks too, so hopefully something to announce soon!

SEPTEMBER: Soooo.....it's sort of surreal, but I just shot a co-star for American Housewife yesterday!! What?! Another, I know.  I can only be grateful that for the time I feel like I'm doing what I truly want to be doing.  I'm so incredibly excited to see the episode, it's such a fun show!

AUGUST:  I booked and shot a co-star on Crazy-Ex Girlfriend!!  I LOVE this show and it was actually on my vision board to book this exact show!  It's such a good show and anyone who loves Musical Theater (aka most my friends HA!) loves this show.  I'm so happy and grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see what happens next!

MARCH: Lovely to be so busy that you forget to update your progress, right?!  Quick recap-- I'm Susan in COMPANY at the Morgan-Wixson directed by the incomparable Kristin Towers-Rowles!  Glowing reviews after our first weekend:



I appeared in the NBCUniversal guide Film Festival, and our submission To Love won the Audience Favorite Award!

NOVEMBER:  Where has the time gone?!  I know you can all relate, in one blink of an eye 2016 is almost gone.  I've just started my run as Mother in RAGTIME.  This may be my favorite role I've ever done, and it's certainly one of the most culturally relevant shows I've ever been a part of.  Through December 4th at the Simi Valley Cultural Center.  I've also signed with Danita Florence at Salt Talent for the Southeast and am very happy so far!!  This begins my favorite time of year where the holidays put a magical glow on everything, and anything is possible.  We'll see what the next 8 weeks brings!

JULY:  I had a photoshoot in May that was amazing a fun!  I found a hidden talent of holding exceptionally still while being turned on a wheel:)  I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time!  And I'll be going to the Goldie Awards where I'm nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for my portrayal of Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins at the Santa Clarita Regional Theater!!

APRIL:  How on earth did 1/4 of the year fly by!?  Busy loving LA, traveling to Dallas for a photoshoot, and auditioning.  New headshots by Jeremy David, very happy with these-- Keep you updated on what's to come!!

NOVEMBER:  I am so grateful for everything in my life-- What a wonderful year it's been!  I had an awesome Thanksgiving and signed with a new Theatrical Agent, JVC Talent Agency!!  

OCTOBER:  WOWZERS!!  This has been the most successful month of my entire career...unfortunately, I've signed a ton of NDA's so I can't say anything.  But I can tell you that I've signed with a new commercial agency, Sovereign Talent Group!!  I'm so excited to be working with them!

AUGUST:  Cast in COME FLY WITH ME a Sammy Cahn review!!  Such a fun show and will be at the Lounge theater in Hollywood August 22nd!  MARY POPPINS mid-August, and has this been an extraordinary production- can't wait to work with them again!

MAY/JUNE:  Would you believe?  I'm in rehearsals for ANOTHER MARY POPPINS!!  Reprising my role as Mrs. Winifred Banks with Canyon Theater Guild.  We'll be performing at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center!!